“Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness”
“Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness”


Love, Art, Healing

Chris has over 30 years of experience as a professional artist, creating visionary eye-candy while working for Hollywood Studios (Sony, Warner Bros., Fox, ABC), Gaming Studios ( Activision, Vortex Media Arts, Fox Animation), Government Agencies, International Corporations and Small Business.

In that time he has sat in almost every studio chair, from scanner intern to Lead 3D Production artist to Art Director, and Production Supervisor.

In 2021, after a year and a half of creative struggling, Chris decided to try Acrylic Painting, as a way to get back in touch with his artistic soul. The love pouring out of his paintings is incredible, and his vision is becoming clearer while experimenting in abstract colors and forms as well as his traditional fantasy inspired works.

I hope you enjoy my attempts at bringing light into the darkness, my joy is in painting and color in it’s expression of the creative soul.-cp

Love is Art


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